30 Days Wild – Italia: Giorno Tre

As we sit on the bank with our feet above the water, we watch the tide lap at the wall. Sometimes the surface is far below our feet and then it rushes up towards our soles. Sometimes the peaks are low and do not threaten the canvas of our shoes and other times boiling up, it touches our feet. The noise of the water on the canal wall is pleasing. The coolness of the water on our skin is refreshing. And the gentle breeze, gathering pace across the open canal is very welcome. It is stiflingly hot today.

In the water below a small brown crab forages in sporadic pulses of action. He is tangled nicely in the weeds. I imagine this is his preference compared to the open unknown of the canal water. I think crabs like edges, like us they hold onto objects and surfaces. They are not like the terns in the sky above or the fish, because there must be fish, in the canals. I say there must be fish because they are one of the most varied, most numerous, moms ubiquitous groups of animals on this planet. I have not seen any fish here, but I am not going to take this absence of proof as proof of absence.

Sitting out on the wooden stakes a cormorant pair are preening. This heat, this abundance of water and this drying breeze must suit them well. Their presence confirms my thoughts about fish, as this is their preferred diet. If they are similar to their American cousins they may eat up to 450g of fish every day. That’s quite a bit of fish based on how many cormorants I have seen. I think the opacity of the water must be hiding quite the metropolis of fish below.



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