30 Days Wild – Day 6: What’s wild in Devon?

If you wanted to guarantee a good ‘wild’ day out, Devon would be an excellent place to start. I’m not paid by VisitDevon but I am completely biased – I love living in Devon. Incidentally, I do quite like a quote they use on their website:

“I have never before been gifted with such an abundance of natural beauty” – Steven Spielberg, Director

Well said Steve. In the spirit of this, I have made a list of the kind of wild activities that are really good to do here. I will begrudgingly accept that it is possible that some of these might also apply to other places too :p

All these ideas are free and require few skills or equipment, though you might occasionally need a little patience and sense of adventure.

  • Watch cormorants fishing on the river and try to predict where they are going to come up.
  • Go wild swimming in the sea (but PLEASE remember to respect the water)
  • Take a stroll down an un-metalled roads to visit the wildflowers and butterflies
  • Watch out for bats emerging (tip: start looking just after sunset and use the sky as a backlight to spot them against)
  • Go for a run, settle into your stride and focus on your surroundings – I promise, the run goes much quicker than if you focus on how you legs or your lungs feel
  • Defend your ice cream from seagulls
  • Admire the abundance of flowers that grow right out of the stone walls
  • Listen out for bird song
  • Read a nature book – need a recommendation? See my earlier blog post
  • Rummage in the hedges for lizards (morning or evening is best – when they are not fully warm)
  • Join in with a Bioblitz – Clennon Valley in Paignton has one on 23 June – it’s free!
  • Go walking on Dartmoor
  • Roll a ball of red clay in your hand
  • Go looking for seals on the rivers and coast- Hope’s Nose is pretty good.
  • Get inspired and paint a favorite scene or animal or plant
  • Pursue a butterfly and try to photo it
  • Admire the leaflets within a leaf on the ferns
  • Poke about in a rockpool
  • Look for animal tracks or paths – if it passes a fence or thorny hedges look out for fur caught there
  • Sit back in a deck chair and watch the swifts, swallows, gulls, crows and buzzards  overhead.



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