30 Days Wild: Day 10 – Garden Wildlife

As is so often the case, the inspiration for this blog comes from our modest sized garden in South Devon. While I was eating my lunch outside in the sunshine, the buddleia behind me was providing a sizeable buffet to several brightly coloured caterpillars. I am not in any way bothered by this – the buddleia could do with being taken down a peg or two and it will take something far hungrier to make a dent on the aggressive growth plans of this fast growing plant.

It seems to be the caterpillar of the mullien moth (Shargacucullia verbasci) and will grow up into a brown moth with a skill for impersonating twigs – take a little look at some photos (on another blog) if you don’t believe me. This is quite a remarkable change of strategy – from using warning colours in the pupae to cryptic body outlines and camouflage in the adult – isn’t nature amazing?

While I have my camera in my hand I spot a bee with bulging pockets. Unlike me, this bee is clearly working hard today.


Bulging Bee Pockets. Photo Credit: Em



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